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I won't lie I've watched a lot of php oop course and this is the best!! Thank you king - Yasser Latrach

Excellent course delievered by a knowledgeable and engaging content creator. Highly recommmeded - Drew Hinde

I already tried out some PHP courses on other webdeveloper training websites, but Gary explains OOP with PHP very clearly and easy to understand. For me this is one of the best PHP courses that I have seen - Nicolas Alexander Rau

This course is a true gem! It's the first time I watched a 3h course and felt I really understood the concepts. Thank you so much Gary! Looking forward for the full course:) - Giulia Pizzignacco

I want to hit the like button for every test passed. Thanks, the best tutorial available on this subject - Samuel Ferreira

Very engaging and easy to understand the concepts - Luciano

PHP is making sense and I can apply what I am learning at my job - Dee

I like all your videos, great work. Keep rocking! Thank you for everything - Gokul jadhav .g

I have ADHD and have trouble getting comfortable with tutorial styles and formats. Your video here is just bliss to me. Thank you thank you! Please don't stop making videos! - Sofascialistadankula Megadonakeratosis

I saw all the video of oriented object programming and that was awesome! Great content - Arius

You explain the Mock in unittest that very easy understanding, you have reproduced difference use cases are very important to understand!! Thank you so much! - 優散的傻勢

I gotta say a BIG BIG THANK YOU for these videos! They are so easy to understand and easy to get the hang of - Gaukh

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Gary Clarke

Who am I?

Hello and thank you so much for checking out my work. My name is Gary Clarke and I'm a software developer with many years experience, primarily in PHP. I started creating video tutorials during lockdown in 2020 because I wanted the challenge of being able to explain complex / technical subjects to others in a way which is easy to understand and remember.

At this moment in time, my videos have been watched nearly half a million times and I intend to keep creating new and improved content and teaching more and more new people. It would be my pleasure to see you on the inside of one of my courses.